Djoeke Ardon

Djoeke Ardon is a medior researcher at Atria and project leader of  Move-up, which evaluates two interventions aimed at the prevention of gender-based physical, sexual and cyber violence. Djoeke has completed a bachelor’s degree in political science and a research master’s degree in migration and integration, both with a strong focus on the intersections of gender, ethnicity and class. She then worked as a policy researcher at the universities of Amsterdam and Utrecht and at the Netherlands Court of Audit. During these years she worked on projects on migration and asylum policies, exploitation, sexual violence and security. She also conducted research into (inclusive) culture in organisations. Djoeke has a lot of experience with qualitative research methods and the combination of qualitative and quantitative methods. In the past she often worked as a methodical advisor and is co-founder of the Context network for qualitative policy evaluation.

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Thematic expertise

Intersectionality, gender, ethnicity, class, labor exploitation, sexual violence, inclusiveness, organizational culture, policy and policy evaluation

Methodological expertise

Qualitative methods, ethnography, interviews, focus groups, mixed methods