Javier Koole

Javier is a junior researcher and policy advisor at Atria. Currently, he works at the alliance Act4Respect Unlimited that focuses on preventing gender-based violence among youth. He is also active in the project MoveUp which focuses on improving the psychosexual health of the youth (with mild intellectual disability and without). Before working at Atria, Javier did his Master of Sociology at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and after his master, he worked as a junior teacher and researcher at the UvA at the program Interdisciplinary Social Science. At the UvA he taught different social sciences and discussed themes such as urban issues, diversity and sustainability. Additionally, he did qualitative research on the effectiveness of intergenerational initiatives in the Netherlands.

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Intersectionality, (gender) diversity, urban studies, placemaking and inclusive learning environments.


Interviews, participant observations, focus groups, discourse analysis and participatory action research (PAR).

Javier’s pronouns are: He/him.

portrait javier koole