Milou Bollen

Milou is responsible for Atria’s PR, media relations and free publicity. As a press officer, she likes nothing more than to work together with her colleagues and share the many stories the knowledge institute has to offer. This way, she hopes to highlight Atria’s important history and topical research. Milou previously worked as a communication professional in the museum sector. She is getting more familiar with Atria’s collection every day. Of the nearly 220.000 items in the collection, the poster* of The Utrecht Women for Economic Independence (UVEZ) is her favourite. As a communication scientist, she appreciates a clear statement.

Are you a journalist, filmmaker, influencer, media producer etc. and are you working on a story or report about feminism, gender equality and/or women’s history? Feel free to reach out to Milou with questions regarding expertise, information and with image- or interview requests.

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*This poster (43 x 60 cm) was distributed in Utrecht, on 28 May 1986. The reason: the nationwide election results from the week before. The UVEZ demanded more paid jobs for women and equal treatment of women within social security. The election results, however, did not give them much hope. The poster shows UVEZ’s anger and disappointment: ‘Dear voters. You crossed the wrong box. Screw you! Sincerely, UVEZ.’

portrait milou bollen