Ženska izborna platforma

Ženska izborna platforma

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English title: Women’s election platform
Corporate author(s): Ad hoc coalition for monitoring and influencing Elections 1997 in Republic of Croatia
Keyword(s): elections| women’s coalition| political demands| political representation
Languages(s): Croatian
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The Women’s election platform is signed by the Ad hoc coalition for monitoring and influencing parliamentary election in Republic of Croatia in 1997, which was formed by 18 women’s NGOs and groups from all parts of Croatia. The fundamental demand for complete and equal political participation of women and abolishment of all forms of violence and discrimination of women is further
developed through six groups of demands. Those include (1) division of responsibility in home and of power in state, (2) right to work and pay, full employment and career, (3) legal, safe and free abortion and contraception, (4) end of violence against women, (5) social security and prevention of poverty, and (6) education for tolerance and equality.


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