Kvindeforskningens uønskede børn

Kvindeforskningens uønskede børn

Article | Denmark

English title: The Unwanted Child of Women’s Studies
Source: Nyt forum for kvindeforskning
Keyword(s): men’s studies | feminism | masculinity | patriarchy
Languages(s): Danish
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The upcoming men’s studies are partly a consequence of women’s studies, having promoted gender as a scientific category for two decades, and partly a critique of stereotyping masculinity in the feminist movement and research, where men are seen as essentialistic agents of patriarchy – enemies of equality. Thus feminist theories cannot be the foundation of men’s studies, which have to be grounded on male specific living and thinking. But since the life of women and men is so strongly interrelated, diversified gender studies would be optimal solution to conflicts between specialized women’s and men’s studies.


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