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English title: Womenfolk
Keyword(s): women’s organizations | feminist organizational forms | work | women’s year | women’s camps | men | women’s history | art | birth
Languages(s): Finnish
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The magazine identifies itself as “Finland’s first constructive women’s magazine” and represents the so called new women’s movement, which is briefly presented in the article “Women’s liberation movement finally in Finland?”. The themes in this first issue are feminist organizing, women’s labour market position, birth-giving, women and art and prehistory. It includes a report and discussion about Femö women’s camp in Denmark and a short text about men’s role translated from the Norwegian Sirene -magazine. Swedish artists Monica Sjöö and Anna Sjödahl are interviewed. Different events organised in Finland for the United Nations year of women are listed.
The article “Did Jane lift Tarzan up the tree” deals with past and present: discussion about Elaine Morgan’s theories of human prehistory versus Desmond Morris is completed with reflections on the present situation and the possibilities of women’s emancipation. The text “woman’s ten commandments” includes the themes of self-confidence and self-respect, solidarity among women, emancipation, work and wages, rights and responsibilities and equality in relationships with men.


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