Periodical | Finland

English title: Ergot
Corporate author(s): Akanat
Keyword(s): bisexuality | lesbianism | feelings | relationships | female sexuality | identity | poetry | women’s movements | homophobia | lesbian movements | experiences
Languages(s): Finnish
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Torajyvä was the magazine of the lesbian feminist group Akanat. The print run of this first issue was 400 copies. The issue includes a presentation of the group and its activities. Most texts are personal accounts of lesbian and bisexual women, who tell about their experiences of marginality and homophobia as well as reflections on relationships, identity, the lesbian subculture and their positions as women in a patriarchal society. Poems and drawings are included. Personal transformation is a central theme. Two translated texts are included: foreword from the book “Joy of lesbian sex” by Emily L. Sisley & Bertha Harris and a medieval love poem.


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