La liberté des libertés


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English title: The freedom of freedoms
Source: Chapter of a book entitled “Choisir la cause des femmes, Choisir de donner la vie” (Chosing women’s cause, chosing to give life), published by Galimard (Idées)
Keyword(s): abortion | freedom | procreation control
Languages(s): French
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As an opening speech to the first important symposium on abortion in France, this text acknowledges progress but also resistances regarding liberalizing procreation control. Gisèle Halimi puts forward that the decision to be a mother is the first freedom, then conditioning the life of a female subject. She shows what has been achieved (throughout history and scientific stands) and what remains to be accomplished in social and political fields for the theoretical principle of a greater equality between men and women not to go unheeded.
La liberté des libertés


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