Aktionsrat zur Befreiung der Frauen

Aktionsrat zur Befreiung der Frauen

Resolution für die 23. ordentliche Delegiertenkonferenz des SDS vorgelegt vom Aktionsrat zur Befreiung der Frauen

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English title: Resolution for the 23rd convention of SDS delegates submitted by the Aktionsrat zur Befreiung der Frauen Berlin
Keyword(s): women`s oppression in the private sphere | public-private dichotomy | production-reproduction debate | revolution | happiness | separate women`s organisation | authoritarian patriarchal reality
Languages(s): German
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The leaflet named gender based violence in the Sozialistischer Deutscher Studentenbund (SDS) as the hindrance for work and happiness in a new society, that must collectively formed at once. The paper was written by academic mothers that had been either socialized in the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG), the German Democratic Republic (GDR) or even in both societies. It argued that women with gender based solidarity were to temporarily organize separtly from men in order to contribute to the aim of a “cultural” revolution not just the taking power of a new government. It thus became the manifest for the second wave of feminism in West Germany and West Berlin.


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