Arbeit aus Liebe

Arbeit aus Liebe

Arbeit aus Liebe – Liebe als Arbeit. Die Entstehung der Hausarbeit im Kapitalismus

Article | Germany

English title: Labor or Love – Love as Labor. The Genesis of Housework in Capitalism
Source: in: Frauen und Wissenschaft. Beiträge zur Berliner Sommeruniversität für Frauen. Juli 1976. Courage Verlag Berlin 1977, S. 118-199
Keyword(s): housework | history of women`s labor | development of capitalism | struggle for breeches | bourgeois gender stereotypes | mechanization of households | servants | immigrants | rationalization of housework | housewifes | wages against housework
Languages(s): Italian – English – German
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The article is an early example of the new women`s history and at the same time a theoretical contribution to the international campaign for/against wages for housework. It is basically an analysis which demonstrates that unpaid housework as a task of virtually all women, is fairly recent and has emerged with the industrial and capitalist transformation of society since the 18th century. Only over time was housework (including child and husband care) on the one hand, exclusively attributed to women only; on the other hand, it was defined as non-work, that is “women`s nature“, whereas “work” was defined as paid work. Because of the size of the file illustrations have been eliminated from the digitised version.


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