Frauen über sich – Beginn einer Befreiung

Frauen über sich - Beginn einer Befreiung

Der “kleine Unterschied” und seine großen Folgen. Frauen über sich – Beginn einer Befreiung

Book | Germany

English title: The “little difference” and its huge consequences. Women about themselves – the beginning of a liberation
Keyword(s): sexuality | orgasm | frigidity | connection housework and wage difference | femininity | media | gender | academic legitimation of oppression | motherhood | frigidity | self-help groups
Languages(s): SpanishFrenchGerman
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The most widespread German feminist book reported 14 protocols by women of different age, profession and marital status, of mothers or childless women, followed by short interpretations of the author. It also informed about frigidity, the drill for femininity, the myths of motherhood, the media fabrication of gender and the academic legitimation of oppression. Schwarzer stressed the potency and many potentials of women, pled against surrender and resignation and informed about self-help groups, about “feminists, witches and suffragists”. Contains a list of the adresses of “autonomous” women`s groups in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Because of the size of the file, illustrations have been removed from the digitized version.
Der "kleine Unterschied" und seine großen Folgen. Frauen über sich - Beginn einer Befreiung


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