Az első Országos Női Kerekasztal

Az első Országos Női Kerekasztal

Article | Hungary

English title: The first National Women’s Roundtable Meeting
Corporate author(s): MONA Foundation for the Women of Hungary
Source: MONA Hírlevél
Keyword(s): women’s movement | emancipation | transition process of countries | democracy
Languages(s): Hungarian
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The text contains the brief description of the first National Women’s Roundtable Meeting after the political transition, and a closing declaration that summarizes the intentions of women’s organizations in cooperating with each other. The second part of the text provides a line of argumentation that in the political transition civil society needs to be strengthened, in the course of which women’s interests also need to come to the fore in the political and the economic spheres as well. The text states that MONA Foundation’s program aims to contribute to the above goal.


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