Feminista Hálózat

Feminista Hálózat : Alapító nyilatkozat

Feminista Hálózat : Alapító nyilatkozat

Article | Hungary

English title: Feminist Network : Founding Statement
Corporate author(s): Feminist Network
Source: “esély” Társadalom- és szociálpolitikai folyóirat
Keyword(s): women’s organizations | transition process of countries | emancipation
Languages(s): Hungarian
URL: www.esely.org/kiadvanyok/1990_6/feminista_halozat.pdf
Manifest: Feminista Hálózat

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The founding statement of the Feminist Network announces the establishment of a women’s organization that aims to help implement real equality between women and men, and do away with discrimination against women, in a manner that strengthens citizens’ autonomy and cooperation. The document summarizes the historical and social background that gave rise to Feminist Network’s movement and organization. Finally, it lists the organization’s aims, including the achievement of gender equality in the private and the public sphere, in education, in the media and in politics, among others.


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