Experts and selection

Experts and selection

Lorraine Spiteri
Field of expertise: Women Issues (esp. in Labour Market, Media), Childcare, Cooperatives, Feminism
Short bio: Activist in women’s groups since 1979. Obtained Diploma in Social Studies (Women & Development) from University of Malta 1999, Certificate from Utrecht University 2000 and Masters (Phil) from University of Manchester 2007. Managing Partner and Project Executive with Vista Coop responsible for various educational and research projects and trainer for Gender Awareness, Cooperative Awareness and Entrepreneurship Skills. Prior to that, worked at a Bank for 14 years and also produced and presented radio and TV educational programs with national station. Conducts gender-related research and participates in number of workshops, seminars & conferences related to women and gender issues. Born in 1961, mother of 3.

Anna Borg
Field of expertise: Women Issues (esp. in Labour Market)
Short bio: Anna Borg lectures at the Centre for Labour Studies at the University of Malta where she is also the course coordinator for the Diploma in Social Studies (Gender and Development). She graduated with a Diploma Social Studies (Women & Development) from the University of Malta in 1999 and M.Sc. in 2006 from Manchester Metropolitan. She is a researcher for the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions and is a contributor to the Sloan Work and Family Research Network at Boston University. She has delivered training on gender equality related issues both locally and abroad. In her past work, Anna Borg managed the Gender Equality Unit at the Employment and Training Corporation for a number of years. She currently chairs the Malta Confederation of Women’s Organisations and is board member of the European Women’s Lobby. Born in 1961, mother of 2.

Elizabeth Ebejer
Field of expertise: Women Issues and Women’s Historiography
Short bio: Obtained Diploma in Social Studies (Women & Development) from University of Malta 1999, B.A (Hons) in History, from University of Malta 2007 and Post Graduate Certificate in History, from the University Of Malta 2009. Her long essay for the Diploma on the life of the first female politician and only female President of Malta Agatha Barbara ‘L-ewwel Lehen Femminili fil-Parlament Malti’ (The first female voice in Maltese Parliament) was published in 2002. Works as an Assistant Librarian to the Faculty of Laws Library, University of Malta. Born in 1967, mother of 3.

Renee Laiviera
Field of expertise: Gender equality (esp. on employment and work/life balance, violence against women, family law)
Short bio: Gender consultant with experience in management. Worked for legislation to protect domestic violence victims; amendments to family law; amendments to the Employment and Industrial Relations Act; setting up of a pilot childcare centre; implementation of gender mainstreaming as part of responsibilities as Chairperson/member of Commission for the Advancement of Women, and as Director (Women in Society) within the Malta Public Service. Also served as advisor to Parliamentary Secretariat for Women’s Rights. Acted as the gender equality focal point Service-wide during the EU accession process. Organised seminars, provided training, spoke on various media, and participated in projects addressing various subjects as mentioned above. Has been active within women’s movement throughout her career. Born in 1949, mother of 1.


Report on the selection process by the FRAGEN team Malta

Initially I contacted various experts to explain the FRAGEN project and held various meetings with them to brainstorm titles of texts and their location. We also discussed telephonically and through emails. Each of the experts involved also contacted other colleagues or experts (feminists, writers, librarians etc.) who could have given valid suggestions.

Eventually we came up with 10 important texts in the list and we were very satisfied that these 10 texts are the most relevant with regards to the particular characteristics and achievements of feminists movements in Malta and which have more or less sparked off debates, influenced legislation or presented a problem, keeping in mind the issues of QUING project (gender based violence, non-employment and intimate citizenship) and also the tight deadlines for completing this project.