Ghalfejn Nitkellmu fuq in-Nisa?

Ghalfejn Nitkellmu fuq in-Nisa? [special issue of Orbis]

Periodical | Malta [special issue of Orbis]

English title: Why talk about women?
Keyword(s): Malta | social exclusion | feminisation of poverty | women and media | domestic violence | housing | working women | Biblical interpretation | Laborem Exercens | fatherhood | exploitation
Languages(s): English – Maltese
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A feminist group founded in 1999, the Women’s Study Group, contributed to this special of the publication Orbis. Written by feminists who have long standing interest in gender and women’s issues. The articles reflect on domestic violence, media, and the biblical interpretation of women and work from a feminist perspective and shows how women’s advancement does not go against the bible’s teachings. The editorial questions to what extent women in Malta have achieved equality in spite of updated laws.


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