grajjiet il-mara u jeddijietha

grajjiet il-mara u jeddijietha

Ghadma minn Ghadmi : grajjiet il-mara u jeddijietha

Article | Malta

English title: Bone of my Bones : woman’s life experiences and her rights
Keyword(s): Malta | equality | second wave feminism | activism | social change | women’s role as mother | feminism and peace | Cedaw | Maltese women’s groups
Languages(s): Maltese
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The book gives a historical overview of the evolution of feminism and women’s rights in Malta and abroad, acknowledging gains of the women’s movement, but concluding that conflicting opinions, antagonism and prejudice present problems and halt further advancement due to the strict adherence to traditional gender roles. Callus has been a promoter of women’s rights during the 1980s and 1990s. Chapter 3 It-Tieni Qawmien (The Second Wave) and Chapter 10 Gheluq (Conclusion) are selected as most relevant.
Ghadma minn Ghadmi : grajjiet il-mara u jeddijietha


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