Malta’s Women in Action 1974-1981

Malta's Women in Action

Malta’s Women in Action 1974-1981 : a sequel to “Ten Years of Involvement and Achievement 1964-1974”

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Corporate author(s): National Council of Women (NCW)
Keyword(s): Malta | achievements | resolutions | press releases and correspondence | civil code | discrimination | censorship and decency | widow’s pension | education | health
Languages(s): English
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This publication highlights the issues discussed by the National Council of Women (NCW) drawing attention to their achievements,
the resolutions passed on various issues, press releases issued, and correspondence sent to Ministries. The NCW published
a monthly column entitled News and Views in The Sunday Times of Malta between 2 June 1985 and 29 September 2007. These articles
addressed gender equality issues and presented proposals and recommendations for legislation and implementation. The information
is archived at the NCW Centre in Blata l-Bajda and on NCW website


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