Racism and Feminism

Racism and Feminism

Article | Netherlands

Original title: Racisme en Feminisme
Source: Socialisties-Feministiese Teksten
Keyword(s): racism | white women | ethnocentrism | ethnic relations
Languages(s): Dutch
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The main goals of the article are to raise awareness among white feminists about their own ethnocentrism and racism, to provide an opportunity for black/ethnic minority women to recognise their own stories and to stimulate a discussion about the position of black/ethnic minority women in relation to feminism. In this article, Essed first describes the experiences of black/ethnic minority women in the Netherlands with prejudice and discrimination. In the second section she defines and explains the terms racism and ethnocentrism. The third section shows how ethnocentrism and racism is expressed within the (white, western) feminist movement, while the fourth describes the relation between the antiracist and anti-sexist struggle in the USA.


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