8 marca czyli radykalne życzenia od radykalnych feministek


Article | Poland

English title: 8th of March, radical wishes from radical feminists
Source: Gazeta Wyborcza
Keyword(s): 8th of March | women’s movement | feminism | pamphlet|
Languages(s): Polish
Manifest: view document: 8 marca radykalne feministki

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The text presents the main postulates of the feminist movement and ridicules social stereotypes on feminism. According to stereotypes, feminism is always radical. The authors claim that in fact feminists have the same goals as “ordinary women”. The text mentions the main problems: discrimination on the labor market, violence against women (including sexual violence and sexual harassment), violation of reproductive rights of women and gender stereotypes embedded in culture. This manifest calls for action, solidarity of women and transformation of social relations.


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