Evolução da situação jurídica da mulher portuguesa

Evolução da situação jurídica da mulher portuguesa

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English title: Evolution of the juridical status of the Portuguese woman
Source: Cadernos de hoje
Keyword(s): feminism | women’s rights | civil law | Portugal
Languages(s): Portugese
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This article is a speech that Elina Guimarães, a feminist jurist, gave for the colloquium “The woman in the contemporary society” in the late 1960’s. This publication is one of the few works on this subject that was allowed by the “Estado Novo” dictatorship. Following the evolution of women’s rights in the several civil law codes in Portugal, she demonstrates that the changes introduced
by the First Portuguese Republic (1910-1926) to the Napoleonic code of 1887, where the divorce and women’s rights within the family were guaranteed, were destroyed by the dictatorship regime (1926-1974), putting the husband as the head of the family, thus representing it and deciding in every aspects of the couple’s life.


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