Lesbianismo : quebrar o silêncio

Lesbianismo : quebrar o silêncio

Article | Portugal

English title: Lesbianism : breaking the silence
Source: Artemísia
Keyword(s): lesbianism | lesbian feminism | radical feminism | feminist movements | feminist periodicals | Portugal
Languages(s): Portugese
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Under the pseudonym of Joana, Anabela Cudell writes one of the first articles about lesbianism in Portugal, published in the feminist magazine Artemísia, in 1985. She reveals the prejudice that “weights upon the hand of a woman who wants to hold the hand of another woman” and classifies Portugal as a country full of masks where lesbians are discriminated and where women’s sexuality is ignored. She wonders how to get out of the lesbian ghetto of lesbians, where to the heterosexual world constantly throws them as “rare and exotic animals, to be kept in a reservation”.


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