štatistiky Koordinačného

Iniciativa za moznost volby

Vyhlásenie členie Expertnej skupiny pre vzdelávanie a výskum, rodové analýzy a štatistiky Koordinačného výboru pre problematiku žien

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English title: Declaration of the members of the Expert group for education and research, gender analyses and statistics of the Coordination Committee for women
Keyword(s): women | discrimination | sexual health | reproductive rights | violence | sexual education | stereotyped roles
Languages(s): Slovak
URL: www.aspekt.sk
Manifest: view document: štatistiky Koordinačného

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The text of the Declaration was written as the response to the effort of Slovak Republic to ratify the Treaty with Holy Seat. The text of Treaty was in conflict with the legal system of the Slovak Republic as well as with international human rights conventions signed up by the Slovak republic. The Expert Group existed at that time (2000) as one of several groups working in the Coordination Committee for women which existed as an advisory body of the Government. It consisted of women experts for education and research both from NGOs, the academic sphere and from the administration sphere. The text was first published in the Aspekt journal 2/2001 and then re-published in the collection of texts “Moznost volby” (Pro Chioce). The material is introduced by a short reference to the article written by Jana Cvikova “What has cadar common with Vatican treaty” published in the same collection of texts.


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