Človekova pravica, da svobodno odloča o rojstvih

Človekova pravica, da svobodno odloča o rojstvih

Article | Slovenia

English title: The human right to freely decide upon a birth
Source: Ženska, delo, družina, družba
Keyword(s): abortion | reproductive rights | contraception | constitution | Yugoslavia
Languages(s): Slovenian
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An exhaustive text on the reasons and obstacles to implement the constitutional right on free decision upon a child’s birth, including abortion on demand (intimate citizenship issue). Though written by a “state feminist” in socialism who would never declare herself as a feminist, experts consider the text and her contribution in general to this issue as fundamental in terms
of paving the right to free and by the health insurance paid abortion in Yugoslavia and Slovenia from 1969 onward (written in the Yugoslav federal constitution of 1974 as paragraph 191).The paper was presented at the Yugoslav conference on eliminating the obstacles for the realization of the constitutional human right to freely decide upon a child’s birth in Bled in November 1974. Published in: Tomšič, Vida (1978). Ženska, delo, družina, družba (Woman, work, family, society), pp. 463-486. Ljubljana: ČZDO Komunist-TOZD Ljubljana.


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