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Me ženske, zbrane na prvem jugoslovanskem feminističnem srečanju, ki je bilo v Ljubljani od 11.-13. decembra 1987, izjavljamo…

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English title: We, women of the first Yugoslav feminist meeting, which was held in Ljubljana from 11th to 13th December 1987, declare…
Keyword(s): manifesto | Yugoslavia | feminist movement | violence against women | reproductive rights | lesbianism | legislation
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The first common declaration of feminists from all over Yugoslavia, making new feminism visible against the model of the socialist emancipation of women, calling on women to organize themselves within feminist groups, pointing on violence against women, demanding respectation of reproductive rights and recognition of the rights of homosexuals. The manifesto was adopted by participants of the first Yugoslav feminist meeting in Ljubljana from 11th till 13th of December 1987.
Published in weekly magazine Mladina (18.12.1987), daily newspaper Dnevnik (29.12.1987) and other media.


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