Nekaj o ljubezni med ženskami

Nekaj o ljubezni med ženskami

Pogledi : Nekaj o ljubezni med ženskami

Periodical | Slovenia

English title: Views : Something about love among women
Keyword(s): homosexuality | lesbianism | psychology | anthropology | lesbian lifestyle | Slovenia | Yugoslavia
Languages(s): Slovenian
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Collection of articles “Something about love among women” is considered to be the first lesbian manifest and the first collective lesbian coming out in Slovenia. Authors discuss anthropological, psychological and sociological aspects of homosexuality, including lesbian identity, demanding social recognition of lesbian sexual orientation, cultures and life-styles.
Articles were published within the regular supplement Pogledi (Views) of the weekly Mladina (Nr. 37, October 1987), a magazine well known for the oppositional attitude towards the regime. Front cover of the magazine was designed by authors of the supplement as well.


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