Emilie Knappert

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In 1911, Emilie Knappert (1860-1952) founded a society in Leiden named ‘de Vereniging Buitenbedrijf’. Her aim was to encourage young women from working-class families to go outside during their weekends to pursue various outdoor activities.

In 1917 enough money was raised to ask the young architect Berlage, who was a friend of Knappert, to draw up the blueprints for a home for the society. However, since Berlage did not have the time at that moment, the architect J.J.P. Oud was hired to do the job. On the 8th of February 1919, holiday home ‘De Vonk’ in Noordwijkerhout was officially opened. After 1945, the institute mainly organized courses for 14 till 16 year-old girls from working-class families.

The portrait above was located at the school for secondary education ‘Emilie Knappert’ in Leiden. Printed on the backside of this drawing is the following: ‘If this portrait is no longer appreciated, please send it to the International Archive for the Women’s movement’. And thus happened.

Source: Image Archive IAV


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