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The oldest book in the library of Atria dates from 1578, and was translated from French by Jean de (van) Marconville. It has quite a lenghty title: ‘Der vrouwen lof ende lasteringe: begrijpende alle de goetheyt, deucht ende weerdicheyt der goeder: ende wederom alle de quaetheyt gebrec en valscheyt der quader vrouwen’. This title roughly translates to: ‘about the good and evil in women’. The book counts a total of 251 pages.

It is an early modern-days ode to women. This genre is part of the ‘querelle des femmes’, the controversy concerning the virtues and capacities of women. By providing arguments for a certain vision on women, authors discuss the interpretation of the concept of gender.

The original French text by J.L.M. of Hapart was considered very popular at that time.