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The library is still closed due to corona. You can, however, pick up and return books by appointment. The information desk of the library can be reached from Tuesday to Friday at
You can keep the books free of charge until the library is fully open again.
Any questions? Contact us via


To borrow books, you need to be a member of the library. There are two types of membership:

  • Basic membership: If you occasionally want to borrow books, you will pay a one-off registration fee of €7,50 and then €1 for each book borrowed for a period of 4 weeks.
  • Annual membership: If you regularly want to borrow or renew books, you will pay €25 each year with no additional charge for either borrowing or renewing. With your annual membership, you will also be able to access a number of external collections at home.

To become a member of Atria’s library, you must first present valid identification (ID).
Application library subscription

AdamNet library card

If you already have an AdamNet card, you can apply for free annual membership at Atria that will last for the duration of your AdamNet card. Here, you should contact the information desk at

Accessing the external collections

With an annual membership, you will be able to access a number of interesting collections from your home or any other place with internet. You can create an account by registering your membership number and send an e-mail with your name and membership number to


With the exception of unique and fragile materials and theses, within the Netherlands and Belgium, you can borrow books, memoranda and reports published after 1950. Maximum of 5 books simultaneously for a period of 4 weeks.

We can also send you books by post, only within the Netherlands and Belgium. Here, you should email your request to Please mention the author, title, location, and number of pages of the books you require. Postage and packing amount to €4 per book along with any additional borrowing charges.


You can renew your books either by phone or by sending an email to Unless the books have been reserved, you will be able to renew them for 4 weeks on a maximum of 5 occasions.


If you fail to return your books on time, you will pay 50 cents for each book and for each week.

View archive documents

The inventory and description of all archives are digitally accessible. More than 30 archives have been fully digitalised. If you wish to view records from the archive, please make an appointment by contacting To access a restricted archive, you will need to obtain permission in advance. To do so, you may contact our archivist using


Conditions permitting, you can order scans of magazine and press cutting articles along with scores and archive items, for 60 cents per page (a minimum charge of € 3). Only for your own private use, with acknowledgment of the source (author’s name, etc.) and the digital copy is not distributed or stored. Would you prefer to receive a photocopy by mail? That is also possible. The costs are the same.

At the library, you can make A4 or A3 photocopies yourself for 15 cents per page.


Most of Atria’s collection of photos, posters and objects can be ordered in a digital format. All visual materials are subject to a copyright period of 70 years following the creator’s death. Atria has no copyright for its own collection. You should settle any copyright requirements with the copyright holder. Provided you have the copyright holder’s agreement, materials will be dispatched through We Transfer in a 300 dpi tiff format.

If you have any questions about ordering visual materials, please contact the information desk by emailing

The costs for ordering reproductions of photos, posters and objects are:

  • commercial customers: €50 + €10.50 value added tax
  • non-profit organisations: €25 + €5.25 value added tax
  • individuals and students: €10 + €2,10 value added tax


Archive items, and visual and other materials that are not normally loaned, are available for exhibitions following consultation. For any questions concerning loans, please contact the information desk by emailing