The Netherlands’ civil society priorities for CSW65

recommendations The Netherlands’ civil society priorities for CSW65

Key for achieving gender equality is:

  • Women’s full and effective participation and decision-making in public life
  • Ending violence against women

The 65th Session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women will for the first time in history take place online. This brings challenges and opportunities for equal participation of women and girls in all their diversity. In light of Covid-19, the Black Lives Matter protests, which stressed the need for intersection and transformational approaches, and the CSW65 priority themes, the Netherlands’ civil society has identified a set of priorities for the Agreed Conclusions.


Encountering discrimination and violence prevents women and girls to play a full and effective role in decision-making and public life. Therefore, an integrated approach should be implemented. The following recommendations are key for the Agreed Conclusions:

  • Ensure women’s full and meaningful participation and decision making in public life
  • Eliminate gender-based violence
  • Challenge gender stereotypes
  • Take an intersectional approach
  • Ensure a gender transformative COVID-19 response

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Atria collaborates with WO=MEN in the coördination of the input of Dutch civil society to the government delegation.