Carrie Chapman Catt and her female friends

collection highlight Carrie Chapman Catt and her female friends

A page from the Liber Amicarum, a gift for the American Carrie Chapman Catt (1859-1947) in 1929, in celebration of her 70th birthday. Carrie Chapman Catt was a famous advocate for women’s suffrage and she received this album from her women’s suffrage friends all over the world.

After the Second World War, she donated it to the ransacked International Archives for the Women’s Movement (IAV). She mostly did this in memory of Rosa Manus, who had taken the initiative for the album. Rosa Manus was an internationally well-known advocate for women’s suffrage and peace and co-founder of the IAV in 1935. The jewish Rosa Manus was almost certainly gassed in March 1942 in Bernburg.

In order to promote women’s suffrage, every possible means of transport was used. The Brazilian scientist and feminist Bertha Lutz (1894-1976), for example, used an airplane. Thanks to her commitment, Brazilian women got the right to vote in 1932. Beside this contribution of Bertha Lutz, the album contains forty other contributions.

Source: archive Carrie Chapman Catt 6


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