About Atria

Atria is the research institute on gender equality and women’s history in the Netherlands. It is the biggest gender-oriented archive and library in Europe. Here at Atria we collect, manage and share the heritage of women and the women's rights movements. Based on our extensive collection and scientific research, we fight for equality and equal treatment.

About Atria


In 1935, three women from different generations decided to join forces and founded the International Archives for the Women’s Movement (IAV) in Amsterdam. Rosa Manus, one of the founders of IAV (now Atria) stated: without documents, no history. The collection started with 300 books owned by Rosa Manus herself. With this new institute, IAV preserved the work of women and made their battle visible. Up to today, Atria is committed to sharing the stories of people who have been invisible.

Our collections

Atria's archive of organizations and people measures almost 1600 meters. We manage over 117 000 books, 27 000 photos, more than 5000 posters, 51 paintings, 16 pieces of headgear and head scarves, 4 banners by the Dolle Mina's and many more special objects by the women's movement such as a motorcycle suit, a flute and a broom.

Debate, research, (policy)advice

With our collections, knowledge and information we reflect on current topics, and we stimulate the debate on the position of women and girls*, in all their diversity. We also conduct scientific research on gender equality, debate social- and political developments and give (policy) advice. This way, Atria contributes to equal treatment and equal opportunities for everyone.

* With the word's women* and girls* we mean people who identify as women, regardless of what they were assigned at birth

About Atria