Johanna Naber Award

portrait johanna naber

The Johanna Naber Award is a prize given for a Dutch thesis in the area of women’s and/or gender history.

Johanna Naber

The prize is named for Johanna Wilhelmina Antoinette Naber (1859-1941). She was the author of countless historical studies and one of the founders of the International Archive for the Women’s Movement (IAV), as Atria was originally called.

The history of the prize

The prize was created in 1989 by the foundation Yearbook for Women’s History. Its goal is to encourage and advance research in the field of women’s history. The prize is now administered and awarded by Atria and the Dutch Association for Women’s History.

Eligibility requirements

Anyone who has completed a thesis in the area of women’s and/or gender history at a Dutch of Flemish university is eligible to receive this prize. You do not need to be an historian, but the subject of your thesis must be related to some aspect of women’s and/or gender history.