Academic research

demonstration women and girls against violence against women

Atria works with universities and research institutes so as to conduct research and disseminate the results. We can also help you if you are seeking information about gender equality or women’s history for your research or if you are looking for specific contacts.


Atria manages one of the most extensive collections about gender equality and women’s history. The archive is ideal for not only academic research into women’s history but also other research with a gender viewpoint. We can help you locate the right sources and place the information in perspective. Contact our information specialists via

Johanna Naber Award

The Johanna W.A. Naber Award goes annually to the best graduation thesis in the field of women’s history or gender history. The prize is awarded by Atria and the Association for Gender History (VVG). More information


Both nationally and internationally, Atria maintains a major network of academic and policy-oriented researchers. In addition, our contacts in society and with politicians and policy makers can assist academics with, for instance, organising focus groups.

Communication and dissemination

Your conclusions about gender equality and women’s history will soon be on paper. But naturally you also want to present it to the outside world. Atria is happy to support you here.

We organise expert meetings and other events, approach the media and produce communication tools. Atria has a large network, an up-to-date press mailing list, influential social media channels, good designers and communication specialists, who ensure that your vision will not go unheeded. Contact us and we will make an offer in consultation.

Social valorisation

Establishing a bridge to society and formulating policy are contemporary prerequisites for researchers. Atria fulfils the bridging role for academics. We know what’s going on in society and what the government needs, and can connect you with these groups.

Atria can share ideas with you, create contacts and organise an event around your research theme. Contact us and we will make an offer in consultation.

An example

For Dr. Martine Prange’s research project From Footballers’ Wives to Women’s Football, Atria organised an exhibition on the history of women’s football along with three other events, all of which were held during the 2015 Women’s World Cup. We also drew attention to the subject through the social media. This generated coverage by, for instance, De Volkskrant and De Telegraaf newspapers.