Guided tours Atria

guided tours in library and archive atria

Atria is a rich source of inspiration for those looking for expertise on women’s emancipation and women’s history. The Institute for gender equality and women’s history houses one of the oldest historical and contemporary collections about women and gender worldwide. The archive and library located in the city centre of Amsterdam contain special and surprising must-see pieces, which are worth a visit. That is why Atria organizes guided tours.


During the tour you get the chance to really get to know the heritage of women and their history. Expert specialists teach you why the stories that the archive documents carry are still relevant today. We also challenge you to search the archives yourself. Became curious? Then register now!

Practical information

Duration: 1.5 hours
Group size: minimum 5 and maximum 15 people
Language: Dutch or English
Costs: 50 euros excluding VAT
Free: for students


For more information or to book a tour, please contact Roselle Servage: