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guided tours in library and archive atria

Atria is a rich source of inspiration for those looking for expertise on women’s emancipation and women’s history. The Institute for gender equality and women’s history houses one of the oldest historical and contemporary collections about women and gender worldwide. The archive and library located in the city centre of Amsterdam contain special and surprising must-see pieces, which are worth a visit. That is why Atria organizes guided tours through its archive and library.

You can sign up for one of Atria’s regular tours through the library and archive, join a free Student Tour with a group of students at the start of the academic year, or join one of Atria’s thematic tours that are organized regularly and announced on Atria’s event page.

Regular Tour

For all who have an interest in the gender perspective and want to be inspired by the rich source of women’s history that has been preserved at Vijzelstraat in Amsterdam. You can sign up for a guided tour with your organization, with a group of students, as an independent researcher, or out of personal interest.

Thematic Tours

In addition to the regular guided tours, Atria too organizes thematic tours that have a focus on a specific topic such as: women’s suffrage, Aletta Jacobs, or the lesbian movement during Gay Pride. Keep an eye on Atria’s newsletter, website and Facebook-page for announcements.


Atria offers free guided tours for students six times a year. Students and teachers can sign up for the free Student Tour to get acquainted with Atria and its collection. During the Student Tour, archival items will come to life with inspiring anecdotes. The tour offers new perspectives and provides information on what Atria can mean for both students and teachers. Keen to join at the start of the semester or academic year? Make sure to be on time and make a reservation for Atria’s free Student Tour!
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Special requests or visits with groups

Library visitors may always request to view an archive during Atria’s opening hours. This is free of charge and you do not need a membership card. Do you want to consult the archives with a group of more than 10 people or do you have a special request? Archives can be consulted by bigger groups (>10) under guidance of one of our information specialists in the Auditorium with a contribution of € 50,-.
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Group size guided tours

The size of a group holds a maximum of 15 people and a minimum of 3 people. Tours only take place during opening hours.


  • Non-profit rate regular tour during opening hours for groups up to 15 people: € 50
  • Profit rate regular tour for groups up to 15 people: € 100
  • Six times a year Student Tour for students up to 15 people: FREE
  • Archive consultation for groups > 10 people and under guidance of an information specialist in the Auditorium: €50
  • Thematic Tours are regularly announced on Atria’s event page, tickets cost € 7,50 p.p.
    All prices include VAT. A tour lasts about an hour.


For more information, or to book a guided tour, please contact Roselle Servage: