Supervisory board

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Atria’s Supervisory Board: Antje Kuilboer-Noorman, Ojanne de Vries-Chang, Rahma el Mouden, Emma Harjadi Herman, Hans Moors.

Antje Kuilboer-Noorman

Antje Kuilboer-Noorman is interim-voorzitter van de Raad van Toezicht van Atria.

Ojanne de Vries-Chang

Ojanne de Vries-Chang is working as interim-manager and supervisor. She prefers to work for human-oriented and development-oriented organisations, like Atria or in educational facilities. Her strengths include analysing working processes and structuring an organisation. As a supervisor at Atria, she contributes by strengthening the governance of the organisation even further.

Rahma el Mouden

Rahma el Mouden is, since 1997, a social entrepreneur at MAS Dienstverleners Groep. She is very involved with the city of Amsterdam and especially the citizens that do not easily profit from the wealth of the city. As long as Rahma can remember, she fights against the differences between boys and girls. Accordingly, she decided to leave Morocco at a young age. In 1975, she arrived in the Netherlands as a 16-year old girl and immediately noticed that the emancipation of men and women in the Netherlands had not been completed yet.

“I will always argue for equal opportunities for women, both in occupational functions as in occupational wages. Therefore, I am happy to be part of Atria, an organisation that is committed to fight for emancipation of everyone, and especially women.”

Emma Harjadi Herman

Emma Harjadi Herman works at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam as head of education and inclusion. She has been involved with different feminist initiatives since she was a student, like Mama Cash, the Women’s March and activism related to the rights of sex workers. Through her work, she tries to strengthen the voices of artists and activists that are insufficiently heard. Emma is a senior fellow of Humanity in Action, an international network of young people who are committed to human rights, inclusivity and democracy. Emma lived and worked in New York, Paris, Cotonou and Brussels and is currently back in the Netherlands with her partner and two children.

Hans Moors

Hans Moors is CEO of EMMA (Experts in Media en Maatschappij) and ANNE (Adviseurs voor Noordoost-Nederland). Both are research and consultancy firms and consist of 50 employees who are working for public affairs. Previously, he was head of the departments security & crime and wellbeing & healthcare at IVA Policy Research and Advice, lecturer in integral security, and as a researcher, he was affiliated with several universities in the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Hans studied Cultural History and Political Philosophy, and his specialization was the socialization of thought regarding gender, sex and inclusion during the 19th and 20th century. After 2003, he focused on issues regarding crime and security, with an emphasis on diversity, relational violence, freedom, fear and trust in criminal or extremist networks. He additionally focused on how to deal with these themes as a professional. Hans wrote and edited several books, reports, academic articles and publications. Since 2006, he has gained experience as a board member in the culture and heritage sector, and is currently a member of the supervisory committee of the Penitentiary Institution of Vught.