For whom?

presentation research women in local politics

We deploy our knowledge and expertise to provide research, advice and support for policy development and evaluation.

Ministries and the Dutch Parliament’s House of Representatives

On a national level, our policy research, advice and trainings relate to how policy documents, bills and policy implementation are affecting women (and also men). For instance, Atria regularly sends a policy letter with recommendations to the House of Representatives. We also issue fact sheets, both requested and unrequested, about our themes.

Local authorities

Our research and advice also often contain recommendations for local and regional governments, and are sometimes specifically directed at the local gender equality and participation policy.


Atria has an excellent working relationship with the Council of Europe, the European Union, the European Commission and its executive organisations including the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) and the Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA). At a European level, our research and advice relate to themes such as violence against women, gender mainstreaming and the implementation of the UN’s Beijing Platform for Action resolutions.

Social organisations

Some of our international activities involve commissioned assignments. Both in this instance and with our activities based on our regular subsidy, we attach much importance to good co-operation with other social organisations in the broad field of gender equality, human rights, discrimination and diversity. Atria actively participates in the various networks of national organisations that deal with emancipation, women’s rights, gender and diversity


Atria collaborates with universities and research institutes on conducting research and disseminating the results.

The business world

Businesses can approach Atria for, for instance, not only advice and research concerning the diversity of their workforce but also how to use that diversity in the best possible way.