Mickey Steijaert

Mickey Steijaert is a researcher and policy advisor at Atria. He investigates gender stereotypes and options in working, caring and learning among young adults. In addition, he focuses on issues about the relationship between violence and the financial (in)dependence of women, and the representation of women in politics.

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After his bachelor’s degree in Communication Science and the research master’s degree in Social and Cultural Sciences at Radboud University Nijmegen, Mickey worked as a researcher and teacher at the Department of Communication Science at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He conducted research into media use and political participation, the dissemination of political information via (social) media, and the perception of the reliability of science news. In between, Mickey wrote popular scientific articles as a science journalist for Dutch newspapers.

Thematic expertise

Media research, stereotypes in the news, political participation, science communication.

Methodical expertise

Scientific research, quantitative research methods, data science, text analysis

Scientific publications

Steijaert, M. J., Schaap, G., & Van’t Riet, J. (2021). Two-sided science: Communicating scientific uncertainty increases trust in scientists and donation intention by decreasing attribution of communicator biasCommunications46(2), 297-316.

Hendriks Vettehen, P., Troost, J., Boerboom, L., Steijaert, M., & Scheepers, P. (2020). The relationship between media content preferences and political participation in 25 European countries: The moderating role of broadband penetration and broadband accessCommunication Research47(7), 967-987

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