Feminist club discussion night: feminist iftar

  • Location: Atria, auditorium
  • Date:
  • Time: 0:00
29 May - 27 Dec Feminist club discussion night: feminist iftar

Discussion on feminism and islam, concluded with a feminist iftar. Today, there are many feminist initiatives and events. How to create inclusive feminist spaces that are open to different interpretations and and meanings given to feminism? The night will start with a short panel discussion on this question that will be approached from different perspectives. Afterwards various other questions & statements will be discussed in groups.

The Feminist Club Discussion Night is organised by the Feminist Club Amsterdam. More information can be found in the Facebook event.

Time and location

The panel discussion starts at 20.00
The iftar starts at 22.00

the discussion night will take place in Atria’s auditorium (Vijzelstraat 20, 2nd floor).

Entrance fee is 3 euro’s for the panel discussion, 5 euro’s for panel discussion and iftar
The fee is used to pay speakers, and for materials and drinks.

The Feminist Club Amsterdam

In 2015, two young feminists participated in a tour through Atria’s library and archive that was organised around the publication of ‘Het F-boek’, a book on feminism in The Netherlands published by Atria. Inspired, they decided to set up a Facebook group that resulted in ‘The Feminist Club Amsterdam’. Since then, Atria and Mama Cash alternately host the offline Feminist Club Discussion Nights, taking place every three weeks.