Experts and selection

Experts and selection

Ausma Cimdina
Field of expertise: History of literature, women in literature
Short bio: Dr.philol., corresponding member of Latvian Academy of Sciences, Dean of Humanitarian faculty in University of Latvia, head of research centre “Feministica Lettica”, specialized in history of literature and epistemology of feminism; has been a head of research team in several projects devoted to participation of Latvian women in science and different arts and financed by the state, as well as EU 5th frame program “Enlargement, Gender and Governance: the Civic and Political Participation in EU candidate Countries” (2003-2006). As expert of Ministry of Education and Science represented Latvia in EC Helsinki working group “Women in Science” (2007) and ES Directory “Scientific Culture and Gender Questions: Histories and Identities – national and European” (2007).

Anita Svarckopfa
Field of expertise: Social Statistics, Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia
Short bio: Statistician in Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia. Graduated University of Latvia as sociologist and Specialized in social statistics, has prepared collection of data “Latvian Women and Men: a statistical Portrait” (1997) and data about Latvia in collection “Women and Men in the Baltic States” (2002); Statistical advisor for several editions of “Human Development Report” on Latvia. As a member of association of University women in Latvia attended UN conference on women in Beijing (1995); was employed in Research Unit working out UNICEF Data base (2003-2004).


Report on the selection process by the Latvian FRAGEN team

The selection of 10 most important text was done by 3 experts: Parsla Eglite, Ilze Koroleva, Anita Svarckopfa. First of all we agreed on criteria: selected by several experts; among those selected by 2 of them – higher by order, addressed to comparably wider audience and seeming more useful for solution of actual problems; among those selected by 1 expert as well – higher order of choice, more eventual readers and actuality.