National Bureau for Women’s Labor

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In 1901 the Nationaal Bureau voor Vrouwenarbeid (National bureau for women’s labor) was founded. The bureau was funded by the 20,000 guilder profit that was realized by the National Exhibition on Women’s labor in 1898. The bureau’s main aim was  ‘to explore, enlarge and improve the labor market for the Dutch woman’.

Two important publications were the ‘Leidraden’ (Guidelines), aimed at career guidance for young girls, and the ‘Vrouwenjaarboekje voor Nederland’ (Women’s yearbook for the Netherlands). The bureau collected information on women’s labor and, with that, played an important role in the women’s movement during its almost fifty year-long existence.

poster national bureau for women's labor
Poster, Collection IAV-Atria

In the picture, dating from 1914, is Marie Heinen (1881-1948, deputy-director) on the left and Anna Polak (1874-1943, director) on the right.

Source: Image archive IAV and NBV archive