Watercolours in a crate

collection highlight Watercolours in a crate

Rosa Manus and Mia Boissevain took the initiative for the exhibition ‘Woman 1813-1913’ that took place at the country estate ‘Meerhuyzen’ in the current Amstelveen.

water color for exhibition woman 1813-1913

For the organization of the exhibition, they established de Vereeniging Tentoonstelling ‘De Vrouw 1813-1913′ on the 22nd of May 1912. They had less than a year to organize the exhibition. For many women and organizations that was the main reason not to participate. However, Manus and Boissevain persisted and succeeded.

The exhibition aimed to give an impression of the changed position of women in the hundred years from 1813 until 1913. However, it was made clear that the women’s movement was still facing many difficulties.

Ten water colours of the exhibition venue in a crate were a gift from the exhibition’s architect P. Molenaar’ wife.

Source: Collection Tentoonstelling ‘De Vrouw 1813-1913’ inv.nr 60


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