Donate 80 for 80!

Donate 80 for 80!

In honor of the 80th anniversary of the Collection IAV, Atria has launched a fundraising campaign, 80 euros for 80 years! The proceeds of this action will contribute to the digitization of the archive of Willemijn Posthumus-van der Goot, one of the founders of the Collection IAV.

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On December 3, 1935, Rosa Manus, Johanna Naber and Willemijn Posthumus-van der Goot created this collection by signing the founding act of the International Archive for the Women’s Movement (IAV). Today, Atria’s collection is globally recognized as one of the largest and most important collections of emancipation and women’s history. It houses close to 105.000 books, 1.400 meters of archival material, 241 journal subscriptions, 440 sealed journal volumes, 8.865 biographical cutting files of women, 46.300 pictures and audio clips, 64 meters of documentation and 79 oral history interviews.

Willemijn Posthumus-van der Goot

Part of Atria’s collection is the archive of Willemijn Posthumus-van der Goot, one of the founders of the IAV. Our wish is to digitize this precious archive, thereby make it accessible online to researchers, students, scientists and others who want to use it. Willemijn Posthumus-van der Goot (1897 – 1989) was the first woman in the Netherlands to receive a doctorate in economics in December 1930 on the cost of living and use of income.

Establishment IAV

Believing women needed to preserve items from the first-wave feminist movement and women’s suffrage, Willemijn Posthumus-van der Goot founded the International Archive for the Women’s Movement (IAV) in December 1935 with Johanna Naber and Rosa Manus.
The Second World War had a major impact on the newly founded IAV. The occupiers confiscated the collection which disappeared after the war. Rosa Manus, the influential president of the IAV, was killed in 1942. In the relaunch in the years after the war Willemijn Posthumus-van der Goot played a crucial role. She took over as chairperson and reopened the IAV.

80 for 80

Would you like to contribute to the realization of our wish? Then transfer 80 euros, to the Aletta Jacobs Fund – 80 years Collection IAV, Attn Foundation Atria, knowledge institute for gender and women’s history in Amsterdam. NL23 INGB 0006 7277 20. Your gift will be donated to the digitization of the archives of Willemijn Posthumus – van der Goot.

Thank you in advance for your gift!