Aktivistkinje : kako ‘opismeniti’ teoriju

Aktivistkinje : kako 'opismeniti' teoriju - Activists : 'spelling out' theory

Book | Croatia

English title: Activists : ‘spelling out’ theory
Keyword(s): activism | interviews | identity | self-positioning | women’s politics
Languages(s): Croatian
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The book maps the roles and activities of women within civil initiatives in Croatia from a self-referential position, based on personal experiences of women engaged in civil society within two decades. Originating as the result of the research project Women within civil initiatives, the book deals with the inscribing of women’s identity in civil discourse through the questioning of the interrelationships of activist engagement and theoretical concepts. Women’s own testimonies are presented within five contextual paradigms: identity, self-change, power, women’s politics and values. Theoretical interpretation is given in the subscript below every page. Annexes include a list of questions, a list of civil initiatives, short biographies of 42 interviewed women, and a bibliography.
Authors: Barilar, Vesna; Kajinić, Sanja; Kašić, Biljana; Lalić, Nataša; Pešut, Jasminka; Zeljak, Andreja. First edition: Zagreb: Centar za ženske studije, 2000.
Aktivistkinje : kako 'opismeniti' teoriju - Activists : 'spelling out' theory


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