Eesti Nokiaks sünnitav kodumasin?

Eesti Nokiaks sünnitav kodumasin?

Article | Estonia

English title: A delivering home appliance as the Estonian Nokia?
Source: Eesti Päevaleht
Keyword(s): women’s unpaid domestic labor | housework | reconciliation of work and family | reproduction
Languages(s): Estonia
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The article introduces the results of a study on men’s and women’s contribution to housework which shows that women in Estonia spend considerably more time on unpaid domestic labor than men and have less free time compared to men. This disproportional distribution of housework between women and men, traditional gender roles and difficulties in balancing work and family life negatively affect the birth rate in Estonia. The second part of the article gives an overview of the public rhetoric on reproduction in Estonia, which is focused on the question “How to make women give birth?”
The expression “Estonian Nokia”, used in the title of the article refers to the Finnish cell-phone producer Nokia, an internationally known trademark, and the attempts in the public discourse of Estonia to seek “our Nokia”, a trademark (which could be a product, a person, an object, a value etc.) that would introduce Estonia to the world.


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