Féminisme, matérialisme, radicalisme

Féminisme, matérialisme, radicalisme

Article | France

English title: Feminism, materialism, radicalism
Source: Revue d’en face
Keyword(s): radical feminism | social classes | lesbian separatism
Languages(s): French
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This text is part of the political debate between the different MLF journals. La Revue d’en face aims at being the feminist journal of the French women’s liberation movement. The authors, analyzing radical feminism (cf. Questions feministes: “the condition for any feminist struggle is for all women to belong to the same social class”) discards this postulate given that the Marxist terminology is not accurate to analyze patriarchy. As patriarchy is not only a production mode extorting domestic work from women, the social issue of reproduction is no less important. In addition, when applied to women’s struggle, the Marxist-Leninist pattern of class struggle draws on political consequences. It induces a “class against class” strategy and a revolutionary project of class abolition leading to lesbian separatism. The author calls for an end to radical views dividing women, which opposes leaders to alienated masses. Her point is to achieve long-term feminist struggle and change for all women.


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