Regenbogenfamilien - die etwas "andere" Familienform

Regenbogenfamilien – die etwas “andere” Familienform

Article | Germany

English title: Rainbow families – the slightly “different” family type
Source: pro familia Magazin
Keyword(s): same-sex marriages | family politics | adoption | children | gender stereotypes | queer families
Languages(s): German
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The article deals with the situation of lgbt-families in Germany. It was published in a journal for professionals written by the leader of the project “Regenbogenfamilien” in the LSVD (Lesbian and Gay Federation in Germany). It compares the still discriminating juridical situation in Germany with slightly different situations in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Sweden and Spain. The author argues from the perspectives of child`s welfare and child`s well-being; she also resumes the many gender stereotypes that still exist and foster especially strong resistance from the German Medical Association to LGBT families. Contains two postcards “Who is family” by LSVD and a photograph of the author in the printed article.


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