Nosotras que nos queremos tanto

Nosotras que nos queremos tanto

Periodical | Spain

English title: We that love each other so much
Corporate author(s): Colectivo de Feministas Lesbianas de Madrid
Keyword(s): lesbianism | imposed heterosexuality | violence | pleasure | erotic desire | sexual roles
Languages(s): Spanish
Manifest: view document: Nosotras que nos queremos tanto

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In the issue number 4 of the magazine the Group exposes the result of a collective reflection that began on the meeting for the Celebration of the Tenth anniversary of the Feminist Struggle in Spain. It offers some hypotheses as for why and how lesbianism is denied in the patriarchal system and how this affects, not only lesbian, but all women. The issue number 5 exposes the results of a survey done in order to study the specific reality of lesbian couples and how they succeeded or not in avoiding reproducing the same problems of heterosexual couples such as dependant or dominant relationships.


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