Ecofeminism: aspects of temporality

Ecofeminism: aspects of temporality

Article | Latvia

Source: Feminisms un literatura = Feminism and Latvian Literature
Keyword(s): ecofeminism | temporality | patriarchate | womanhood | ecologism | cultural values
Languages(s): English
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A chapter from the book “Feminisms un literatūra,” edited by Ausma Cimdiņa, published by Latvian Women Studies and Information Centre, Riga, in the series “Feministica Lettica.” Exploration of the concept of ecofeminism and its links with fundamental differences between cyclical temporal mentality of women and linear masculine idea of time. Nature of a woman is seen as more ecological than that of a man, while men are inclined to exploit nature. As public attitude to environment is changing, patriarchate faces its agony. In future, it is likely to enter a new stage of civilisation with equal gender relations among people.
Ecofeminism: aspects of temporality


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