For almost all texts in FRAmed on GENder (FRAGEN) a so-called CC license, non commercial, no derivatives (cc by-nc-nd) was obtained, which allows others to download the works and share them with others for research purposes only, as long as they link back to this site FRAmed on GENder (FRAGEN).
It is not permitted to change the texts in any way or use them commercially.

Copyright is the right accruing to the maker of an original work. It protects certain categories (books, articles, films, songs, etc.) of published and unpublished work for specified periods of time. Copyright accrues to the author of a work in any of these categories, and he/she is then entitled to freely and exclusively exploit the work. The author can also grant or refuse permission for others to copy the work.

The consent of the copyright holder is required before someone else can duplicate and/or publish his/her work (exploitation rights). Digitising a work and putting it online are types of duplication and publication. The author can grant consent by means of a (once-only) licence. The author can require payment to be made in return for his/her consent. The copyright holder also has the right to require his/her name and the title of the work to be indicated, and the right to oppose changes to the work (moral rights).

The FRAGEN content presents the full text version of the selected documents in their original language. Most texts were not digitally available. The partners had to trace the copyright holder and ask for permission to publish the text on the internet.

See also: creative commons licence
Manual Copyright (pdf)


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