The survey used in the FRAGEN project is based on the methodology used in the QUING project. It was developed by experts within QUING in cooperation with the FRAGEN team.

The survey or ‘analytic description’ of the text consists of 20 questions to identify the content of a text. As all texts are included in their original language, this analytic description together with the bibliographic description will help to understand the nature of the text. Further it will allow for comparative research on the development of feminist ideas in the participating countries.

The questions in the survey deal with different topics, such as:

  • the nature of the text
  • the topic(s) of the text, according to Beijing’s 12 critical areas of concern
  • the use of gender in the text
  • the intersection of gender with other inequalities, such as ethnicity, religion, class
  • the causes for gender inequalities
  • the type of feminism occurring in the text
  • if the text contains a call for action, the content of this call and who is addressed by this call
  • the civil society/state interface

See also: Beijing’s 12 critical areas of concern

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